Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much bond do I have to pay?

No bond. We do not charge any bond for caravan hire.



2. Do I have to pay a deposit?

No deposit is required.

3. Am I allowed to tow caravans?

Caravans are only to be towed by employees of Budget Caravan Rentals. We do not have caravans available to be towed around for hire. The caravan will be delivered to a site and must be left there. If you require the caravan to be moved to a different site, you will need to get in touch with us so that we are able to relocate. There will be a $50 charge for relocation.


4. What payment is required for me to start hiring a caravan?

We charge two weeks rent in advance which pays for your first and last week. Weekly rental amount is usually set up via an automatic payment and will start the second week of your hire. When you are finished, you will give us one weeks’ notice and stop your payments as the initial payment covered your last weeks rental. We also have a one-off administration cost of $200 that is payable at start of hire.


5. How much will it cost me per week for a caravan?

The rent of the caravan will depend of various factors. This includes:
- Whether short term (less than 2 months) or long term (more than 2 months).

- What range caravan you have (e.g. budget, mid-range, self contained, cabin)

- What facilities in the caravan (e.g. bathroom, kitchen)


6. How much is delivery?

We have free delivery within Christchurch area. We do deliver in regions outside of Canterbury and these will incur a delivery charge. The costs for this will depend on where the caravan will be situated.

7. Is there a minimum amount of time I must have the caravan for?

We have no minimum rental time but the costs will be more expensive the shorter the term of hire.


8. What facilities are inside our caravans?

We have a wide range of caravans that are all very different and have different options inside.

Our budget range comes with the option of a furnished or unfurnished caravan. This is ideal for office or spare bedroom.

The mid range usually has sleeping facilities and also kitchen facilities. General kitchen facilities range from basic cooking and a fridge.

The self-contained range is a larger caravans and these would include sleeping arrangements, full kitchen facilities, bathroom (shower/toilet), some can have automatic washing machines.


9. Do caravans have power?

All of our caravans come with smoke alarms, carpet, curtains, and are powered and lockable. We provide all power cables needed, which also come with a currently electrical WOF. Included in cables is RCD safety devices.


10. Do you rent to own?

We do not do rent to own. Our specialty is caravan and cabin rentals. We do sell some of our caravans on TradeMe but this requires an outright purchase.

While we don’t do rent to own, we are able to direct you to a finance company who offer finance TAP (to approved purchaser).