Cabin Rentals

We have two ranges of cabins that in our rental fleet.

Small - 2.2 by 2.4m - Price: $75.00 per week*

Standard - 2.4 by 3.6m - Price: $100 per week*

Furnished or unfurnished options available.

Looking to hire a caravan or cabin?


No bond/deposit - No contracts - Free delivery

Cabin Range

Cabin Range

Looking to hire a caravan or cabin?

About Our Cabins

Our range of cabins provide an ideal extra bedroom, room, or sleepout. We have two different sizes of our cabins - small or standard. The prices of these are $75 per week for our small size and $100 per week for our standard size.*

These cabins come with the option of being furnished or unfurnished. There is no additional cost for caravans to be furnished if you are wanting bed/drawers to be added into the caravan. However, if you prefer for your own furniture inside the caravan, we are able to take our the furniture for you to furnish yourself.

Our cabins all have a high standard of insulation in the roof, floor and walls. This makes them a nice cosy and warm space.

All of our caravans come with working smoke alarms, a current electrical WOF, and are lockable. These are also all powered and you will be provided with cables including RCD safety devices. When the caravan is delivered, our friendly team will also ensure the power is all set up and ready to go.

Our point of difference with our cabins compared to other cabin rentals in the area, is that we offer free delivery, no bond or deposit, and no contracts.

* Long term rental prices (more than 2 months). Short term rental prices will incur a higher charge.